Quote from the October/2012 DSalud article where Dr. Ilari answers how she treat cancer cases

"I treat cancer cases from Dr. Hamer's perspective (...) Patients are cured of their ailments without medication (...) But as a therapeutic tool (...) seawater is for me the first health restoring element."

In other words:

The full article can be seen on the DSalud magazine website (it is quite extensive).

Another statement of her in the same sense can be seen at

minute 19:41 "The German New Medicine (Hamer) which for me is the key medicine for healing patients and for understanding how nature works to bring us to the cure."

minute 20:30 "the Germanic New Medicine (Hamer) which is the axis of the understanding of medicine. It is the most scientific axis to understand what happens in our body" (when we get sick, not the normal functioning which is what physiology studies).

I've just added (5/16/2024) an article:
Malaria is flu

In Spain you can buy sea water at cheap price at any diet store and some supermarkets. Examples: this diet store, this pharmacy (at higher price), this supermarket.

There is also an organic bakery making bread with sea water and sells it too.

There are 5 companies bottling and selling sea water because there is a lot of people drinking sea water on a daily basis.

If you at your country become a critical mass of people interested in sea water, companies offering it will arise.

So, it's in your hands, sharing this information meeting your friends, by phone or social networks, to make the conditions where these companies will appear and make sea water even more available to all the people.

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