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Videos of Dr. Ilari (citing cancer)

Breast removal is not necessary

Video citing that in 98% of cases, mastectomy is not necessary (minute 3:45)

Interview in Canal 33 (Public television channel in Catalonia, Spain) (4/6/2015) (in Catalan)

(In this video she doesn't quote Hamer, despite the fact that she is its promoter throughout Latin America: she organizes GNM courses in the main universities of Nicaragua, has just taught GNM courses in Barcelona, etc.) (Instead, she speaks of him in the other videos).

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Video commenting the law 774 (in Nicaragua) about the national health system taking in charge of alternative therapies

Index of scenes (minute: second):

0: 0 Explanation of the law of legal equivalence of alternative therapies with conventional ones

6:18 Start of the explanation of sea water benefits

20:15 Start of the exposition of Dr. Hamer's discoveries

22:58 Explanation of cancer cases treated following Hamer's approach (prostate)

23:09 Ductal carcinoma of the breast

24:10 "Tumors are eliminated by the body and disappear or encapsulate (and then they can be surgically removed, easily and without haste, without involving any serious intervention)"

24:18 Metastasis (really new cancers caused by new emotional shocks caused by the diagnosis and other circumstances)

24:30 Talks about the "scary" language doctors usually use

25:40 Following Hamer's approach, her medical practice uses almost no antibiotics (or any other medicine), except in exceptional cases.

27:37 Healing of chronically ill patients who manage to stop their medication gradually

28:20 Antidepressants and anxiolytics no longer necessary with alternative therapies and Hamer's approach, because they reduce insomnia and improve the entire condition of the patient.

Conference in the Mexico's senate

On March 7, 2014, she gave an speech to the mexican senators on the use of sea water against malnutrition:

conference of Dr. Ilari in the Senate of Mexico
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conference in the Senate of Mexico
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In Spain you can buy sea water at cheap price at any diet store and some supermarkets. There are 5 companies bottling and selling sea water because there is a lot of people drinking sea water on a daily basis.

If you at your country become a critical mass of people interested in sea water, companies offering it will arise.

So, it's in your hands, sharing this information meeting your friends, by phone or social networks, to make the conditions where these companies will appear and make sea water even more available to all the people.

Best website to know the real situation of the religion:

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