Teeth and dental treatments are the cause of many diseases

When we are sick, doctors often say that “it's genetic”, hereditary, that “it's a virus”, that “comes from pollution”, because of the bad food (*) ...

broken root canal treated tooth
When we are not in an emotional shock (we do not have cancer - **), then it is very likely that the origin of our problem lie in our teeth.

Although teeth appear healthy and have no symptoms, they can be the root cause of the problem and no other cure or treatment will fix it.

When we have a knife nailed to our back, no therapy will solve the problem: we have to remove it.

root canal treated tooth radiography

Teeth can produce problems in two ways:

  1. Because they are infected.

  2. Because they produce neurological irritation. This is known for a medical discipline called "neural therapy". All doctors in Germany study it at university. For each tooth passes a meridian which crosses a part of the body. When a tooth has a problem, it takes energy from all the organs traversed by the meridian. This is how a tooth (3 *) can cause problems in other parts of the body.

The remains of roots sometimes left by dentists when doing extractions, and devitalized teeth (endodontics or root canal treatment) are the most frequent cases.

Sometimes the culprit tooth does not produce pain or some other symptom.

root canal treated tooth
In these cases, we need to look for a dentist who is familiar with neural therapy.

Dr. Adler's book (4 *), contains 80 cases of patients cured of the most diverse diseases only by correcting the problems with the teeth. (You can search the text for the words: "endodoncia", "desvital", "avital", "desvitalizado")


(*) Of course, we are often obese and undernourished. In addition to stopping eating junk food, the nutritive effect of seawater trace elements is not despicable. Obviously, we must stop taking sugar, drugs, tobacco ...

(**) Even though we have cancer (caused by an emotional shock), we have to watch our teeth, because if they are bad they can hinder the natural progression and healing of cancer.

(3 *) Problematic teeth remove a lot of energy from the body. We don't notice it at first because we have energy reserves. They are like the stones of the river bed: they appear when the water level drops.

(4 *) Dr Adler was an honorary dentist member of the College of Dentists of Catalonia (Spain). He was a very important figure in neural therapy, and his book is a reference for physicians. The book can be downloaded here, in Spanish. It is also published in German: Adler, E: Störfeld und im Herd Trigeminusbereich, 5. Auflage 2004 GGM Heidelberg ISBN: 3000136789 Price: 50 €.

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